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Discover the comprehensive range of services offered by Buoint Engineers and Consultants. From strategic marine solutions to civil and IT services, we have you covered.


Point of Sale (POS) Solutions

POS frameworks are computer program and equipment arrangements that encourage exchanges between a trade and its clients. This incorporates functionalities like stock administration, deals following, installment handling, and announcing. Your company would give customized POS arrangements custom-made to particular businesses or businesses.  


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP frameworks coordinated different commerce forms and capacities (such as back, HR, obtainment, fabricating, and more) into a single bound together framework. This empowers way better coordination and productivity inside an organization. Your company would offer usage, customization, and back for ERP arrangements.  


Custom Software Solutions

This includes making custom fitted computer program applications or frameworks to meet the particular needs of person businesses. Your company would analyze the interesting prerequisites of clients and create computer program that addresses those needs successfully.  


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI includes making brilliantly frameworks that can perform assignments that regularly require human insights. This may incorporate machine learning, common dialect handling, computer vision, and more. Your company would create AI arrangements for assignments like robotization, prescient analytics, and choice bolster.  

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning could be a subset of AI that centers on preparing calculations to memorize designs from information and make expectations or choices without being expressly modified. Your company would create ML models for errands like suggestion frameworks, prescient upkeep, picture acknowledgment, and more.  

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

Our Blended Reality (MR) arrangements offer a transformative approach, enveloping innovations like Expanded Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). This empowers clients to connected with advanced components inside their physical environment. Businesses hook with opening the complete potential of MR due to a need of ability in integration. 


Cybersecurity Solutions

This includes securing computer frameworks, systems, and information against cyber dangers. Your company would give administrations like defenselessness evaluations, entrance testing, firewall setup, and security mindfulness preparing.   

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

This incorporates administrations related to cloud stages like AWS, Purplish blue, or Google Cloud. Your company would offer administrations like cloud movement, engineering plan, and support.   


Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

This includes extricating experiences from information to help in decision-making. Your company would create dashboards, reports, and analytics arrangements to assist clients make educated trade choices.  

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